LG type vertical multistage pipeline pump

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Especially suitable for residential buildings, hotels, office buildings and other high-rise buildings constant pressure water supply, fire, spray water supply equipment supporting pumps; Vertical multistage centrifugal pump is also suitable for chemical process cooling tower automatic water supply; Vertical multistage centrifugal pump system pressure stabilization, production process circulating water, long-distance transportation, boiler feed water and other water supply equipment. The liquid that can be transported is normal temperature (<80℃)(hot water type can be transported temperature less than 105 degrees of medium) clear water or normal temperature medium with physical and chemical properties similar to water.

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First. Product overview
DC series multistage boiler pump is horizontal, single suction multistage, piecewise single-stage centrifugal pump. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, wide performance range, safe and stable operation, low noise, long life, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. It is used for conveying clean water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water.

Second, product characteristics
1. Advanced hydraulic model, high efficiency and wide performance range.
2. The boiler pump runs smoothly and has low noise.
3. The shaft seal adopts soft packing seal, which is reliable, simple in structure and convenient in maintenance.

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  • Technical Parameters:

    Capacity Q:4.2—43.2m3/h

    Head lift H:24—204m

    speed n:1450—2900r/min

    Maintenance and maintenance in operation

    1. the inlet water pipe must be highly sealed, can not leak, leakage;

    2. prohibit the pump in the state of cavitation long-term operation;

    3. It is forbidden for the pump to run under the condition of large flow, and for the motor to run over current for a long time;

    4. Regularly check the motor current value in the operation of the pump, and try to make the pump run within the range of design conditions;

    5. The pump should be attended by special persons in operation to avoid accidents;

    6. The bearing should be refueled every 500 hours of pump operation;

    7. After long-term operation of the pump, due to mechanical wear, the noise and vibration of the unit increase. It should be stopped for inspection, and it is necessary to replace vulnerable parts and bearings.

    Mechanical seal maintenance and maintenance

    1, mechanical seal lubrication fluid should be clean without solid particles;

    2. It is strictly prohibited to work under the condition of dry grinding;

    3. Before starting, the pump (motor) should be moved several laps, so as not to break and damage the mechanical seal caused by sudden starting.

    Matters needing attention

    First. starting

    1. The pump is used for suction occasions, that is, when the inlet is negative pressure, it should be used for water discharge or vacuum pump water diversion to the inlet road first, so that the water is filled with the whole pump and the inlet pipeline, pay attention to the inlet pipeline Must be sealed, no air leakage phenomenon exists.

    2. Close the gate valve and manometer cock on the outlet pipe to reduce the starting current.

    3. Rotate the rotor by hand for several laps to lubricate the bearing and check whether the impeller and seal ring in the pump are touched. If the rotor is not moving, it should not be started until the cause of the fault is found out.

    4, test start, motor steering should be consistent with the arrow on the pump, open the pressure gauge cock.

    5.When the rotor reaches normal operation and the pressure is displayed by the manometer, gradually open the outlet gate valve and adjust to the required working conditions.

    Second.  the operation

    1. When the pump is in operation, attention must be paid to the instrument reading and try to make the pump work near the flow head specified on the nameplate to prevent large flow operation.

    2. Timely check the motor current value should not exceed the rated current.

    3. The bearing temperature of the pump shall not be higher than 75℃, and shall not exceed the external temperature of 35℃.

    4. Wearing parts should not be replaced in time.

    5. If abnormal phenomenon is found, stop immediately and check the reason.

    Three. parking

    1. Close the gate valve on the outlet pipe and close the cock of the vacuum gauge.

    2. Stop the motor and then close the manometer cock.

    3. If there is a cold winter season, the liquid in the pump should be drained to avoid freezing and cracking.

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