• Diesel Water Pump Set

    Diesel Water Pump Set

    ● Petroleum, chemical, food and medicine ○ Scope of services provided in the petroleum/chemical/food/pharmaceutical markets Transportation of chemical raw materials  ○ Beverage, wine and containing corrosive medium transportation  ○ Flammable and e...
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  • Marine Engine For Ship

    Marine Engine For Ship

    High-speed engine products including WP4.1,WP4,WP6,WP7,WD10,WD12,WP10, WP12,WP13,M26,M33, which are mainly used as the main engine and auxiliary engine of the high-speed ships and boats, passenger ship, and fishing boat and i...
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  • Diesel Generator Set

    Diesel Generator Set

    Weichai products are widely used as lighting power in industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, hospitals, towns, agriculture and others. As mobile or fixed power for radio communication, standby power and emergency power for large buildings and h...
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